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Jeff Samardzija may have just had his Starbucks moment

Jeff Samardzija and Theo Epstein allegedly having a drink at Newport Bar in Lakeview. (Via Robert Tetlow)

During the fall of 2011, the Cubs were in about as bad of a spot as any team in baseball. With no general manager and no plan for the future, rumors were the only things keeping Cubs fans alive.

In October of that year, one fan allegedly saw Theo Epstein in a Lincoln Park Starbucks. The news was downplayed and dismissed until Epstein eventually came on as the team president and vindicated the report.

The Cubs are in a significantly different position now than they were four years ago, but there may have just been another “Starbucks moment.” Former Cubs and White Sox pitcher Jeff Samardzija, who is now a free agent, was supposedly seen enjoying a drink Theo Epstein in a Lakeview bar.

The picture was taken by Robert Tetlow at Newport Bar in the Southport Corridor area of the northside neighborhood. It was reported by 670 The Score’s Bruce Levine that Samardzija would be in town meeting with the Cubs.

Whether it is in fact Samardzija and Epstein is open to debate, it also may not lead to a contract. However, the Cubs clearly have an inside line to Samardzija.

Photo credit: Robert S. Tetlow