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Fans react to Mike Ditka’s ‘get a life” comment

In a funny commercial for McDonald’s, former Bears great Mike Ditka dons a Packers sweater. Many Bears fans were offended that Ditka would ever put on the colors of the Bears’ arch-rival.

When asked about it on Tuesday, Ditka said “it’s a commercial” and he doesn’t “have to apologize to anyone.” Ditka said if you were offended by the commercial, then you need to “get a life.”

Fans quickly reacted on social media to Ditka’s response. From a sampling of the posts, most Bears fans are failing to see anything funny about the commercial.

From Chicago Sun-Times Facebook:

Jimmie Farley: So much for Da Coach just insult every die hard Bears fan why don’t ya…hope ya choke on your packers sweater loud mouth!

John Stepheny: Real bears fan’s know what’s up, get ur $$$$$.

Joseph Luke: Ditka wearing a Packers sweater is probably the LEAST offensive thing he said/done in recent years!

Adrian Aguinaga: What money will make you do,shame on you Da Coach,your no Bears fan!

Lupe Canales: Buddy Ryan made the 85 bears – stupid ditka

Eric Bordin: And jerry Rice was in a cowboys jersey. It’s a joke. He wasn’t wearing a a swastika

Royal Palmer: Ditka will wear some Thongs for a Dollar”

Jay Mckenzie: Sold his soul for the $

Michael Sanford: I think he was secretly putting a hex on The Packers. It worked!

Mike Moses: Ongena Selling out. It’s the Chicago way

John Ryan: If we’ve learned one thing about Ditka, it’s that there’s nothing he won’t do for a buck.

Mike Gaun: Dikta’s about the almighty dollar. Always has been so its no surprise. He has to be the coach with the most endorsements.

Cole Whitaker: It’s a commercial, it’s supposed to be comical.

Dion Williams: Thanks Buddy Ryan for giving us the Monsters of the Midway!!!

Carlos Linares: He already insulted many going for Trump!

John Melman: There is a whole series of these commercials. One has Jerry Rice with a flower bed on his lawn in the shape and colors of the Cowboys star. They are supposed to be funny. People need to get a f****** clue.

Charles Smith: It is a big deal, you played in Chi Town your whole career and coached them to World Championship but some people will do anything for money

Ray Raymond: I’m boycotting McDonald’s

Mike Ditka on wearing Packers jersey

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