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Vehicle theft from Gary church foiled by tracking feature on MacBook laptop

Kathleen McIntire |Gary police

A northwest Indiana woman who stole the keys to pickup from a church kitchen was captured when police used the tracking feature on a laptop computer inside the truck.

Kathleen McIntire was charged with auto theft and theft after being arrested Sunday in Gary, according to a statement from Gary police.

Police said stole the keys from the kitchen area of St Mark’s Church on Ridge Road, and drove off in a 1999 Ford Ranger from the church parking lot.

Unknown to McIntire, a backpack left in the vehicle contained the owner’s MacBook, and the owner “activated the tracking feature on the MacBook and was alerted to a location,” police said

An officer went to that location and saw a woman getting out of the pickup, police said. She was stopped and the officer found the stolen keys in her possession.

SHe remains in custody at the Lake County Jail.