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Tyler Saladino breaks up Tigers team no-hitter

Baseball is a funny game.

Tuesday night, with his team down one and fighting against a no-hitter, Tyler Saladino tripled against the Tigers. Saladino’s big hit would prove to be a game changer, as Adam Eaton brought him home one batter later.

Making everything stranger was the Tigers’ pitching statistics. Starting pitcher, Daniel Norris, was on a pitch limit. So despite going five perfect innings, Norris was pulled before the sixth inning.

The White Sox didn’t get their first base runner until Eaton was hit in the seventh inning.

Then with one out and down by a run in the ninth, Saladino found the gap. Eaton’s single next brought him home and tied the game at one.

Unfortunately, extra innings weren’t kind to the White Sox. A Rajai Davis triple in the tenth was the game winner for Detroit.