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Shaq says he and Kobe could have matched or surpassed Michael Jordan's six titles

Shaq says that if he and Kobe had stayed together, they could have matched or surpassed Michael Jordan in NBA titles. | Sun-Times Media

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There seems to be a lot of “woulda, coulda, shoulda” coming from retired athletes these days.

Most of it emanates from Shaq.

His latest turn-back-the-clock statement came on “The Rich Eisen Show,” where he talked about how many championships he and Kobe Bryant could have won if they had resolved their differences and stayed together:

“I think we could’ve either tied Michael or surpassed Mike. Mike has six. You know, everybody talks about Bill Russell’s 11. No player will ever come along and get 11 championships unless they reduce the league to 10 teams. So now Mike, when it comes to the pinnacle of championships, you always got to go with Mike. Mike has six. I think we could’ve either tied that or got that.”

The ever-so-humble Shaq might be going easy there. Last week on Dan Patrick, Charles Barkley said the Lakers combo “realistically could have won close to ten championships.”