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The Bulls have a chance to knock the Warriors off their 72 win pace

In this June 9, 1996 file photo Chicago Bulls Michael Jordan stands during a break at the end of an NBA Basketball game against the Seattle SuperSonics in Seattle. (AP Photo/Beth A. Keiser, File)

The Bulls are a flawed team, so much so that any dreams of even reaching the NBA Finals seem to be slipping away. But this year’s team could still do something big, it could help derail Golden State’s chase for 72 wins.

With the Golden State Warriors losing Wednesday night to the Denver Nuggets, they are now even with the 1995-96 Bulls team in the loss column. Despite losing in their first matchup, the Bulls will have a chance to hand Golden State their fourth loss a full two weeks before Jordan’s Bulls reached that mark.

Golden State is heading into arguably the toughest stretch of their schedule. After what should be an easy win against the Lakers Thursday night, they will play six consecutive teams that are currently in the playoffs.

The Bulls come at the end of a three-game road streak for the Warriors, who travel to Detroit on Saturday and Cleveland on Monday before playing the Bulls Wednesday.

Golden State then returns home to play the Pacers followed by a San Antonio team that still has a chance to steal the top spot in the Western Conference. Their stretch is closed with a home game against Dallas.

Golden State Warriors coming schedule

Thur, Jan 14: vs. Los Angeles Lakers

Sat, Jan 16: @ Detroit Pistons

Mon, Jan 18: @ Cleveland Cavaliers


Fri, Jan 22: vs. Indiana Pacers

Mon, Jan 25: vs. San Antonio Spurs

Wed, Jan 27: vs. Dallas Mavericks

The 72-win Bulls wouldn’t drop their fourth game until February 4, but immediately followed with their fifth loss. A Golden State loss to the Bulls and another loss would, if nothing else, prevent the Warriors from getting out ahead of that historic Bulls team.