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Jalen Rose says Jimmy Butler 'is playing at an All-Star level'

Jimmy Butler had a big fan in Jalen Rose. | AP

Jalen Rose knows what it’s like to play wing for the Bulls, and he knows they have a pretty good one playing there now.

The NBA analyst had high praise for Jimmy Butler while speaking on a conference call for ABC’s “NBA Saturday Primetime,” kicking off this Saturday with the Bulls and Cavaliers. Rose will be part of the studio team, along with ESPN partners Sage Steele and Doug Collins.

Rose addressed the Jimmy Butler-Derrick Rose identity saga on the Bulls.

From the Chicago Tribune:

“The star power is who is playing at an All-Star level, a top 12 level, and that’s Jimmy Butler. He’s become one of the best players in the league, a terrifc two-way player. So he’s the marquee.

“Derrick Rose, he’s had his opportunity. He’s been an MVP in the league. His efficiency isn’t what it used to be.”

During his 13-year NBA career, Jalen Rose had his best years with the Bulls, averaging 21.4 points per game over three seasons. Butler is averaging 22.4 for the Bulls this season. Both Butler and Jalen Rose won NBA’s Most Improved Player awards.