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Chicago man, 58, killed in Puerto Rico skydiving accident

SAN JUAN, Puerto Rico — A 58-year-old Chicago man died Saturday in a skydiving accident that occurred when he apparently had problems controlling his parachute after it opened, authorities said.

Police say Gaby Ferraca died Saturday morning at the 14th annual skydiving festival at the island’s Arecibo regional airport.

Federal Aviation Administration officials, police and prosecutors are investigating the accident, according to a police report.

Event organizer Jason Gonzalez said the death was the first associated with the festival in 15 years.

Gonzalez said Ferraca was an experienced skydiver. He attributed the accident to pilot error and said no technical malfunctions took place. He said Ferraca executed an aggressive turn and did not have sufficient time to properly adjust the parachute’s position for a smooth landing.

The festival, which attracts skydivers from the United States and Europe because of Puerto Rico’s favorable weather conditions and coastal views, will continue through Monday despite the accident.