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If Kris Bryant has to move around on defense, he’s ‘ready for it’

Kris Bryant said he's willing to play both third base and the outfield, if needed. (AP)

MESA, Ariz. — Kris Bryant isn’t sure if he’ll move around defensively because of Javy Baez’s left thumb bruise — and subsequent disabled list trip — but he’s ready to.

“I think going from the infield to the outfield is easier than coming from the outfield to the infield,” Bryant, who moved from third base to left field during Monday’s game, said Tuesday. “It’s a lot quicker, and you’re more involved on every play.

“I don’t think I’m the best outfielder out there by any means, but I think whenever that time comes I’m ready for it.”

Shortstop Addison Russell is impressed by the team’s versatility, saying their players aren’t shy about moving around.

“It’s pretty cool to see these players — especially Kris and Schwarber these young guys — take on these different roles, especially on the defensive side, and succeed,” he said.

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