Rauner doesn’t wait to reveal his true cold colors

SHARE Rauner doesn’t wait to reveal his true cold colors
SHARE Rauner doesn’t wait to reveal his true cold colors

I underestimated Gov. Rauner. I thought he would wait a few months before showing his true colors. I was wrong! But, I must say, I respect the fact he let us know upfront that he is a Republicanfirst, a businessman next and governor last. His constant denigrating of former Gov. Pat Quinn, without ever telling us what his plans for Illinois would be; hisnegative attitude toward unions and union workers;lastly, his willingness to raise the minimum wage slightlyover 10 years . . . his generosity is underwhelming. God help Illinois and its hard-working citizens.

Ann Gutierrez, Tinley Park

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Rauner’s minimum wage plan a joke

Funniest line from Gov. Bruce Rauner’s State of the State address: “Our economic growth and jobs package increases the minimum wage to $10 an hour over the next 7 years.” All those working moms who live in poverty and flip Bruce’s burgers when he stops in for a snack can sure take heart. That paltry $8.25 they are makin’ now will crack the $10 an hour bracket . . . in 2022. Nice goin’, Billionaire Bruce.

Walt Zlotow, Glen Ellyn

Pedestrians have snow gripes, too

We hear about driver’s snow problems — how about a pedestrian gripe? It is important to clear sidewalks, and in our neighborhood this is well taken care of. However, it is not helpful for pedestrians to have to pass by businesses that have had their lots completely cleared and ignored the adjacent sidewalks, or those businesses that allow plows to push the snow out onto the sidewalk, sometimes requiring a walker to go into a busy street. The sidewalks beside the“no man’s land” by expressway ramps and embankments are never cleared; it is especially bad on the walk just east of the Irving Park Blue Line station. Another difficulty is crossing from a cleared sidewalk over mounds of pushed-up snow to get into the street once the plows have come through! We manage, but it could be easier.

Angela McCormick, Irving Park

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