Trump a lot like Nixon, except on environment

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President Donald Trump continues to draw comparisons to former President Richard Nixon. | AP file photos

Donald Trump’s lack of character, integrity and common decency is indeed reminiscent of former President Richard Nixon. However, Nixon merits credit for being one of the greatest environmental presidents in history. He was instrumental in creating the Environmental Protection Agency, implementing the Endangered Species Act and the Marine Mammal Protection Act, and for ensuring clean air and clean water for citizens. In his first four months in office, Donald Trump is already the most environmentally destructive president in modern history.

Brien Comerford, Glenview

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The failure of Hultgren, Roskam, Kinzinger

It is inexcusable and irresponsible that Reps. Hultgren, Roskam and Kinzinger (“Hultgren, Roskam and Kinzinger avoid being Trumpcare fall guy” — May 4) cast the deciding votes in support of the American Health Care Act, which will decimate healthcare for so many people in Illinois. That includes people with disabilities. At Access Living, more than half of the staff are people with pre-existing conditions. If any of us leave or lose our jobs, chances are we will be priced out of health coverage because of premiums and deductibles that are not affordable. The situation will be worse for the hundreds of people Access Living serves who access community supports through Medicaid. With an expected $800 billion in cuts to Medicaid, the AHCA will eliminate programs that enable people with disabilities to get the support they need to live in their own homes. Without that support, people with disabilities will be forced into institutions, which rob people of their independence and cost Illinois taxpayers more money.

Hultgren, Roskam and Kinzinger failed us all when given the opportunity to vote against a plan that threatens the health and independence of millions of people. This failure hardens our resolve to ensure the legislation passed by the House goes no further.

Marca Bristo, president and CEO, Access Living

Stop Trump’s power grab

Those of us old enough to remember corrupt Republican President Nixon know that he resigned, finally, after the leaders of his party visited him with the news it was time to go. That is a bygone era in which Republicans actually cared about national security rather than just doing the bidding of their corporate funders. Trump’s firing of Comey constitutes an obstruction of justice and is a move to aggregate all power to himself. The slow-motion​ coup, as it is being described in many places, must be stopped for good of our nation.

Edward D. Juillard, Morgan Park

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