Former Boston Red Sox pitcher Curt Schilling. | AP

Curt Schilling: ‘The thing is, I’m not going to shut up’

SHARE Curt Schilling: ‘The thing is, I’m not going to shut up’
SHARE Curt Schilling: ‘The thing is, I’m not going to shut up’

Curt Schilling is still as controversial as ever.

In a story on Esquire, Schilling reflected on his outspoken life after baseball and not yet being elected to the Hall of Fame.

“The thing is, I’m not going to shut up,” Schilling said. “I don’t owe anybody anything. If I have to shut up to get in the Hall of Fame, then I don’t want in.”

Schilling, now a radio show host for Breitbart News, is no stranger to controversies. He was fired from ESPN in 2016 after making comments on Facebook that were critical of transgender rights and had been suspended by the network the year before for comparing Muslim extremists to Nazi-era Germans.

“I guess you could call my social-media instincts Trumpian-like,” Schilling said. “I’m not saying that’s a good thing.”

And those instincts are not going away any time soon.

“I want to be bigger than [Sean] Hannity and all the other guys,” he said. “Why would that not be a goal? I’m not afraid of stumbling. I don’t like being wrong, but it doesn’t mean I’m going to be.”

Schilling is deciding now whether he wants to stay in the media landscape or run for office.

“My thought was, I could run for [the] Senate next year and then I would run for president after Trump’s second term,” Schilling said.

For now, though, Schilling is staying put as a radio host, but that does not mean he will be any less outspoken.

“The show will be a way for me to figure out if I can be an elected official,” he said. “If my message resonates with people, then I know I’m right.”

He added: “And if it doesn’t, then I know I have been wrong my whole life.”

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