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National Hot Dog Day deals: Chicago-style with ketchup?

Heinz is unveiling new Chicago Dog Sauce for National Hot Dog Day. | Provided photo

Ready the mustard — and relish, onion and pickles. National Hot Dog Day will honor the city’s favorite food — sorry, deep dish — with dollar deals and free samples on Wednesday July 19.

Portillo’s customers can get a regular-size hot dog for $1 with purchase of any sandwich, entree salad, entree pasta or ribs. The deal runs all day Wednesday at all locations while supplies last.

Dogs are also $1 at Thorntons convenience stores and Sonic Drive-In. Pilot Flying J will give out free hot dogs to customers with an online coupon, and Chicago’s Downtown Dogs will raffle off a $10 gift card every week this month.

Undoubtedly, loyal Chicagoans will take their hot dogs ketchup-free. For those on the fence, Heinz debuts their new “Chicago Dog Sauce” on Wednesday. But be warned: According to the promotional video, it’s really just ketchup.

To sweeten the deal, Heinz will offer sauce samples — and free hot dogs — Wednesday at Wrigleyville Dogs on 3737 N. Clark St. and Kim & Carlo’s Hot Dog Cart by The Field Museum of Natural History.

The condiment company said in a statement that it purposefully “went to the most anti-ketchup-on-your-hot-dog city in the nation, Chicago, to see if taste would win.”

Try one if you dare.

Anthony Rizzo did, but he’s not a fan. The Cubs first baseman tweeted Wednesday that Chicago Dog Sauce “tastes better on my fries.”