Matt Prokash’s scratch, yes, scratch, 847: Last sectionals of Beat the Champions

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Beat the Champions sign.
Dale Bowman/Sun-Times

[Editorial note: Dick Quagliano covered the Section 2 sectional]

It was a Sunday all about adjustments for Matt Prokash. And he showed the ability to conform.


Bowers’ scratch 800 tops, Oak Forest: Sec. 4/Will Co. sectional, Beat the Champs

Prokash was not able to participate in his early morning league at Wood Dale Bowl because he had qualified for the Section 2 sectional of the 57th Beat the Champions at Elk Grove Bowl. After his first ball left one pin standing, Prokash, a sales engineer from Northbrook, made a slight change.

“I moved just a little,’’ he said. “It was a nice adjustment.’’

A nice adjustment indeed for Prokash, who, after picking up the spare, rattled off 11 consecutive strikes to finish with a 290 game. He followed with games of 279 and 278 to win the sectional with a scratch 847.

“I am still shaking,’’ Prokash said. “After I got the carry, it was fun.’’

On the women’s side, Danielle Beeck, a pharmacy tech from Hodgkins, was the top finisher with a 769 on games of 198, 236 and 246 to add to her 89 handicap.

“I just tried to ignore what I was doing,’’ Beeck said. “I didn’t want to pay attention to the scores and have fun.’’

The top six women and top seven men advanced to the finals in March, where the top prize for both men and women is $7,500..

Also having fun was Terrance House, who had games of 204, 249 and 177 to go with his 189 handicap to finish second on with an 819. Tim Barth, bowling on the same lanes and following Prokash, finished third with a 782.

Some familiar bowlers return to the finals. Vicki Hobscheid, the 2014 champion, was the final women’s qualifier. Robyn Hamilton, a runner-up in the 2011 finals, was fourth.

Other women advancing were Stephanie Aldridge, Belinda Pagan, and Michele Berry. Other men advancing were Bobby Nunn, Anthony Kornecke, Michael Cothard and Andy Parham.

In its first 56 years, BTC, for which the Sun-Times is media sponsor, has raised $2.856,618.43 for charity from 5,768,200 entries.

FOX VALLEY: Some days, it’s just Yurs.

Missy Yurs owned the field at the Fox Valley sectional Sunday at Mardi Gras Lanes in DeKalb with a 746. On the men’s side, Frank Tardio finally made the finals with a 724.

“It was just making sure I was hitting the mark, as long as I slowed down,’’ said Yurs, a DeKalb courier.

She advanced out of sectionals for the first time with games of 205, 254 and 206 to go with 81 pins of handicap.

In BTC, handicap is 90 percent of difference of average below 210.

Tardio, a retired ironworker from Inverness, moved to an older ball, a Hammer Black Widow, in the middle of the first game because he “was leaving a flat 10. Then I was in the pocket every time.’’

He rolled games of 245, 246 and 206 with 27 pins of handicap.

The top three men and the top three women advanced to the finals.

Jody Svoboda, a CNA from Sycamore,was second, while Dr. Terri Crawley, a pediatrician from Huntley, became what is believed to be the first doctor to make the finals.

Mike Ryan, a teacher from Algonquin, missed the top spot by one pin, with a 723. Joe Spoonmore, a Yorkville man who works in well drilling, had the final spot.


Section 2 Sectional

At Elk Grove Bowl

(Top top six women and top seven men, pending verification, advance to finals)

Sunday’s Results


Bowler, center G1-G2-G3-HCP-TOT

Danielle Beeck, Rolling 198-236-246-89-769

Stephanie Aldridge, Hillside 206-201-266-64-737

Belinda Pagan, BZ-River Grove 164-193-222-137-716

Robyn Hamilton, BZ-Woodridge 161-170-198-186-715

Vicki Hobscheid, Wood Dale 214-267-228-0-709

Michele Berry, Elk Grove 158-169-200-180-707

Michelle Cox, Suburbanite 188-105-167-243-703

Marie Boyd , Town Hall 239-188-205-62-694

Pam O’Neil , Elk Grove 188-215-228-37-668

Alexis Smith, Town Hall 172-225-235-54-686

Sandi Prescott, Rolling 142-181-180-164-667

Sharon Zmija, Elk Grove 142-182-178-164-666

Aida Avila, Striker 166-195-210-102-664

Jenny Hubbard, Elk Grove 203-144-193-121-661

Yulonda Ellis, Hillside 168-194-197-99-658

Jean Schrilla, Stardust 181-189-225-59-654

Johnnie Dossie, Town Hall 177-167-168-135-647

Becky Pippenger, Suburbanite 157-147-225-118-0-647

Layana Richardson, Town Hall 116-148-208-175-647

Nicole Phipps, AMF Forest 190-177-146-132-645

Ellen Roose, Elk Grove 178-129-178-159-644

Sylvia Paredes, AMF Forest 160-135-169-172-636

Linda Haarmans, Rolling 207-123-236-0-622

Yeun Childers, Rolling 136-188-171-176-621

Kelly Vassalla, Rolling 144-148-122-207-621

Tommica Akins, Town Hall 121-157-129-210-617

Andrea Hawkins-Kamper, Wood Dale 180-223-192-21-616

Diane Zollicoffer, Town Hall 145-179-203-89-616

Elaine Davis, Town Hall 133-145-161-172-611

Lucy Coulombe, Striker 185-192-141-91-609

Cheryl Mason, Hillside 162-119-169-159-609

Deborah Arellano, Circle 101-137-144-226-608

Anna Harrington, AMF Forest 100-144-147-216-607

Darlene Mullen, AMF Forest 163-149-163-129-604

Diane Thorne-Bakker, Rolling 144-150-187-118-599

Linda Wood, Hillside 210-163-167-59-599

Chantel Christman, Hillside 164-178-174-78-594

Maureen Murray, Striker 157-131-165-135-588

Vanessa Lopez, BZ-River Grove 154-152-174-102-587

Doreen Chiarelli, Tivoli 140-105-141-191-577

Barb Lehr, Elk Grove 147-151-124-181-573

Marilyn Russell, Stardust 128-105-130-210-573

Kris Ryne, Stardust 144-115-161-153-573

Marilyn Sadio, Rolling 113-111-94-243-561

Carolyn Repa, BZ-River Grove 181-157-103-113-554

Marilyn Fatigato, Wood Dale 101-150-148-151-550


Bowler, center G1-G2-G3-HCP-TOT

Matt Prokash, Wood Dale 290-279-278-0-847

Terrence House, BZ-River Grove 204-249-177-189-819

Timothy Barth, Stardust 266-269-247-0-782

Bobby Nunn, Town Hall 267-213-191-91-762

Anthony Kornecki, Stardust 223-244-179-105-751

Mike Cothard Jr, Suburbanite 288-183-244-27-742

Andy Parham, Hillside 227-215-226-70-738

James Cascino, Circle 172-269-234-62-737

Dale Schepp, Suburbanite 206-253-256-0-715

Mike Zaworski, AMF Forest 247-190-192-75-704

Jim Rubino , Elk Grove 173-181-188-151-693

Ralph Byrd, Stardust 234-212-226-10-682

Leonardo Ostiguin, Town Hall 182-195-214-59-680

Adam Zaffaroni, BZ-River Grove 184-155-255-83-677

Steve Habura, Stardust 225-224-195-29-673

William Green Jr, Hillside 195-203-190-83-671

Damaso Munoz Jr, Striker 213-204-192-59-668

Nazareth Jehezian, Elk Grove 189-217-218-37-661

Leroy White, Town Hall 154-130-188-189-661

Patrick Manno, Striker 236-187-196-40-659

Johnny Lozada, Stardust 191-257-194-13-655

Bob Stigger, Circle 189-234-202-27-652

Randy Wysocke, Elk Grove 213-180-200-59-652

Edgar Aldana, BZ-River Grove 168-150-145-180-643

Mike Thomka, Wood Dale 223-175-243-0-641

Phillip Karides, Rolling 205-156-195-83-639

Taylor Zaremba, AMF Forest 194-231-189-24-638

Jim Joseph, Tivoli 226-182-153-75-636

Nick Pogvara, Rolling 148-236-220-32-636

Matt Barters, Elk Grove 201-184-225-24-634

Michael Cortese, Striker 116-258-236-24-634

Marc Smith , Town Hall 153-146-192-140-631

Mike Spencer, BZ-Woodridge 172-171-212-75-630

Mike Schmelter, Stardust 184-205-226-13-628

Dave Thomas, Circle 213-177-190-48-628

Richard Bieser, Rolling 113-158-171-175-617

Noah O’Daniel, Town Hall 166-238-169-43-616

Albert Cavazos, Wood Dale 147-177-161-129-614

Brandon Cariello , Wood Dale 216-189-208-0-613

Michael Boyd, Wood Dale 131-180-210-91-612

Nick Kleba, Rolling 190-198-214-10-612

Robert Loos, Suburbanite 157-184-192-78-611

Josh Tromp, Elk Grove 147-144-203-116-610

Richard Davis, BZ-Woodridge 184-185-203-37-609

Steven Wozny, Suburbanite 172-165-202-70-609

Patrick Tihlarik, Suburbanite 135-159-217-97-608

Paul Bures, Stardust 181-141-155-126-603

Michael Battaglia , AMF Forest 142-151-183-126-602

Ellis Haywood, Hillside 162-192-155-89-598

Barry Stamps, BZ-River Grove 179-181-238-0-598

Lawrence Algee, BZ-Woodridge 168-216-157-56-597

Al Lechowski, BZ-River Grove 176-194-153-72-595

Joe Gregoire, BZ-Woodridge 192-179-201-21-593

Bryan Vignola, Circle 128-167-160-132-587

Dylan Leska, Stardust 141-180-189-70-580

Adam Harris, Striker 228-140-148-54-570

Carlos Gamboa, BZ-River Grove 181-190-196-0-567

William Woosley, Elk Grove 142-168-137-116-563

Martin Lacaze, Elk Grove 159-149-178-62-548

David Taylor, Hillside 181-172-193-0-546

Paul Jurack, Rolling 135-129-125-153-542

Robert Garner, Stardust 177-139-181-40-537

Boguslaw Krzyzewski, Stardust 144-214-139-29-526

Joe Svec, Suburbanite 138-124-180-70-512

Fox Valley Sectional

At Mardi Gras Lanes, DeKalb

(Top top three men and top three women, pending verification, advance to finals)

Sunday’s Results


Bowler, center G1-G2-G3-HCP-TOT

Missy Yurs, Four Seasons 205-254-206-81-746

Jody Svoboda, Mardi Gras 159-172-135-237-703

Terri Crawley, Poplar Creek 226-248-204-2-680

Jill Salvesen, Fox 201-205-269-0-675

Kara Johnson, Hometown 215-152-145-156-668

Jill Meyer, Lisle 143-155-150-194-648

Jennifer Walsh, Fox 175-168-175-118-635

Courtney Cochrare, Mardi Gras 163-170-148-153-634

Beth Johnson, Lisle 137-208-140-145-630

Linda Curley, Bowlway 177-189-159-102-627

Linda Medon, Lisle 146-153-169-153-621

Barb Welnowski, Fox 169-223-184-45-621

Bobbie Ann Luscalzo, Liberty 151-180-118-143-592

Ashley Richardson, Wheaton 106-131-109-243-589

Karissa Rudow, Hometown 155-161-144-129-589

Tiffany Curl, Hometown 264-156-150-108-578

Dana Young, Four Seasons 113-114-149-199-575

Jenni Sokolowski, Poplar Creek 168-187-188-27-570

Jill Ludvigsen, Fox 107-115-99-243-564

Melissa Lupa, Hometown 128-167-156-113-564

Holly Zicha, Fox 126-165-133-132-556

Terri Dejong, Poplar Creek 150-135-158-108-551

Enjulina Persad, Lisle 105-115-130-189-539

Stacy Torres, Fox 125-144-108-135-512


Bowler, center G1-G2-G3-HCP-TOT

Frank Tardio, Poplar Creek 245-246-206-27-724

Mike Ryan, Liberty 259-179-210-75-723

Joe Spoonmore, Hometown 236-256-224-0-716

Jack Urban, Lisle 203-188-247-67-705

Jeff Klemenswicz, Lisle 213-256-236-0-705

Shane Egerman, Four Seasons 258-158-186-97-699

James Cradduck, Mardi Gras 204-266-216-0-686

Charles Slone, Mardi Gras 244-258-181-0-683

Jeff Hahn, Wheaton 169-191-194-118-672

Derek Rayner, Poplar Creek 203-200-232-35-670

Dave McKee, Poplar Creek 213-196-259-0-668

Russ Bowling, Poplar Creek 228-233-204-0-665

Mike Strnad, Fox 181-242-191-48-662

Jim Schnute, Fox 190-194-201-75-660

Aaron Kubisak, Hometown 159-244-256-0-659

Mark Parochelli, Bowlway 202-206-162-78-648

Brock Dyer, Mardi Gras 205-224-213-5-647

Kelly Schwinn, Fox 187-199-259-0-645

Will Bradford, Hometown 237-180-224-0-641

Dave Palojarvi Jr, Poplar Creek 160-224-257-0-641

Tony Wolak, Fox 238-193-161-43-635

Tom Sims, Fox 259-191-175-0-625

Mike Bilica, Fox 177-178-255-8-615

Guy Hankins, Hometown 223-161-200-29-613

Jarod Gale, Four Seasons 146-174-167-124-611

Justin Young, Liberty 217-173-217-0-607

Dale Byers, Mardi Gras 140-181-161-102-584

Bill Anderson, Fox 172-157-148-97-574

Mark Pavel, Fox 145-154-183-89-571

Ryan Benjamin, Fox 153-175-199-40-567

Kurt Gieseke, Wheaton 211-177-178-0-566

Rich Scott, Lisle 151-155-178-75-559

Wally Nagel, Lisle 165-166-167-54-552

Patrick Goyack, Hometown 141-135-176-99-551

Tim Bujak, Poplar Creek 167-178-200-2-547

Tim Dowjotas, Fox 163-194-181-0-538

Tim Makoloski, Lisle 188-145-189-8-530

Justin Peterman, Four Seasons 177-138-147-43-505


March 4: Women, Classic Bowl, Morton Grove, 11 a.m.

March 11: Men, Waveland Bowl, Chicago, 10 a.m.

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