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Bank robber shot while running away in South Chicago: FBI

FBI crest | Getty Images

An accused bank robber was shot by an armed security guard Monday before he was arrested near the South Chicago bank branch.

A federal complaint filed Tuesday that charged Kinta Harris with the robbery describes Harris a man who spontaneously decided to rob a bank months after he was fired from his job and fell on hard times.

After his arrest, Harris told police that he had found a wig at a bus stop and decided to use it in a bank robbery, according to the complaint provided by the FBI.

With the wig in tow, Harris wrote a robbery note at a nearby library, then walked into the MB Financial Bank branch about 9 a.m. at 3030 E. 92nd St., went straight to a teller and slid the note on the counter, the complaint said.

When the teller started to put cash into his bag, Harris told them to hurry before he hurt someone, and motioned to his hip to suggest he had a gun, according to the complaint.

When he was walking out, a bank security guard who had found Harris to be suspicious confronted him and told him he couldn’t leave with the money, the complaint said.

Harris didn’t give him the money and instead ran off, according to the complaint. The guard chased after him and fired a single shot, striking Harris in the leg. Harris kept running.

Chicago police officers later saw a man who matched Harris’ description near 90th Street and Escanaba, the complaint said.

They arrested Harris, and took him to the University of Chicago Medical Center for treatment.

While in custody, he admitted to the robbery and confirmed he was the man wearing a wig, reading glasses and a long black coat in surveillance pictures, the complaint said. He told officers he had been fired from his job in October and needed money to pay his bills, including parking tickets.

Officers found the wig dumped in a nearby garbage can and a black suit jacket and black pants inside a grill, the complaint said. Officers also found $4,203 in his possession, according to the complaint.