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R. Kelly’s ex-wife releases interview, opens up about domestic violence

Andrea 'Drea' Kelly opens up about domestic violence from her ex-husband, singer R. Kelly. | Facebook

Andrea Kelly released a video interview on her website opening up about the domestic violence she experienced at the hands of her ex-husband, famed R&B singer R. Kelly.

Viewers are required to pay $5.99 to watch the full video, but a 35-second preview is available for free.

“What was supposed to be my big beautiful mansion, it became my prison,” she said, tearfully, in the clip. “I called the 1-800 number for domestic violence. There’s 17 questions that they ask you. Of the 17, there’s only two that he had not done to me at that point.”

She’s been making the rounds on news and talk shows in recent weeks, opening up about their marriage as R. Kelly falls under accusations of sexual violence form other women. In previous interviews, she said her ex’s abuse pushed her close to suicide. They divorced in 2009, with three children.


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