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Former Bears lineman arrested for assaulting police officer

Kirk Barton with the Bears in 2008. | Team photo

DUBLIN, Ohio (AP) — A former Ohio State and Chicago Bears offensive lineman has been charged with felony assault of a police officer.

Charges against 33-year-old Kirk Barton were filed after his arrest outside the Bogey Bar & Grill in Dublin, Ohio.

Police say the 6-foot-6 Barton was at the bar Friday when management asked deputies to remove him because he was intoxicated and knocking people over.

The Delaware County Sheriff’s office says Barton was escorted to a taxi van without incident but couldn’t provide his address. Deputies and the taxi driver were trying to determine the address when Barton allegedly slammed the van’s sliding door on a deputy’s arm.

Barton’s attorney, Sam Shamansky, said Tuesday he hadn’t reviewed all the evidence and didn’t know how the case will proceed. He also expressed concern for the injured deputy.

The Bears drafted Barton out of Ohio State with their seventh-round pick (No. 247 overall) in the 2008 NFL Draft. He also spent time on the rosters of the Broncos, Lions, Dolphins, 49ers and Bengals, but only played in one game 10 years ago.

The Chicago Sun-Times added to this story.