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Crocs’ newest high-heeled design creates social media uproar

The plastic heeled shoe retails for $224.75 on Amazon. |

No, this isn’t a practical joke. Crocs, the polarizing shoe brand, has debuted the latest version of its high-heeled shoes, and people can’t stop talking about it.

Though it seems odd for the comfort-first company to design a heeled version of its shoe, some said they find the newest model, called the Cyprus V heel, “cute.”

“now accepting donations via Venmo so i can fulfill my dreams of buying Crocs high heels,” wrote @_anna_davis.

The majority of people, however, expressed their confusion and distaste for the design.

“Today in ugly footwear,” tweeted @margadeona.

“I thought Mondays were bad enough but then I found out Crocs makes heels now,” tweeted @victoriapricetv.

Some simply wanted answers.

“I wanna know what person was in charge of the meeting that approved crocs high heels. It had to be a stripper in a single wide,” tweeted @ILLJONES_.

The plastic heeled shoe comes in gray with a purple insole or all black and retails for $224.75 on Amazon.