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IHSA punishes 17 schools for summer basketball rules violation

The Illinois High School Association has punished 17 schools for playing in summer high school basketball shootout events the first weekend of June.

The IHSA bylaws state that the contact period for high school coaches begins after the last day of classes or the Monday of Week 49 on the IHSA calendar, whichever comes earliest.

Several popular summer team camps, including one at Riverside-Brookfield and one at Carmel, began before the Monday of Week 49.

The IHSA has concluded that “there was no malicious intent in these violations or attempt to gain an advantage.” So the punishment is very light. The head coach and athletic director at each school will have to participate in an online rules seminar.

The statement from IHSA Executive Director Craig Anderson:

“In early June, the boys’ basketball teams at multiple IHSA member high schools participated in various shootout events hosted by fellow member high schools. This is a standard activity and many of the schools participate in the same shootouts annually as a part of their summer programs. The dates of two shootouts this year caused several participating schools to be in violation of an IHSA rule that prevents teams from starting their summer programs before the school year ends. Many of the participating schools had completed their school year and participated legally, however, several others were still in session and violated the rule. In my eyes, there was no malicious intent in these violations or attempt to gain an advantage, nor was any gained. It remains the responsibility of each member school and its personnel to know and follow IHSA rules, so as a result, we are requiring the athletic director and head coach boys’ basketball coach of each program in violation to participate in an online IHSA rules education seminar.”

The boys basketball coach and athletic director from the following schools will participate:




DePaul Prep





Lincoln Park

Morgan Park




Bulls Prep




EDITOR’S NOTE: A previous version of this story incorrectly listed Oak Park instead of Fenwick.