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Working the Rahm Story: Reporters live for days like this

On Sept. 4, 2018, Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel surprised the city by announcing he was moving on after his second term ends in 2019. | Rahul Parikh/Sun-Times

“Working the Story” is a video feature of the Chicago Sun-Times that explores how our reporters do their jobs.

When Rahm Emanuel announced he would not be running for re-election, it was a scramble in the Sun-Times newsroom to cover the story.

The timing was tough.

Our veteran City Hall reporter, Fran Spielman, was out of the country. So her beat now belonged to every reporter and editor on staff.

Columnist Mary Mitchell sits down with Sun-Times political reporters Mark Brown and Tina Sfondeles to talk about those first few hours after hearing the news that the mayor would be making this term his last.

The news conference no one expected

Video by Maria de la Guardia, Eliza Davidson and Rahul Parikh


Emanuel insists to-do list is full, but mayoral (and prez) runs aren’t on it

Was Rahm Emanuel too cocky for Chicago?

Surveying the political landscape after Rahm drove a bulldozer through it


Mary continued the conversation with Editor-in-Chief Chris Fusco, who explained how the entire Sun-Times team pulled all of the angles together online and for the next day’s paper.

Video by Eliza Davidson, Maria de la Guardia and Rahul Parikh

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