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ENDORSEMENT: Anna M. Valencia for city clerk

City Clerk candidate and incumbent Anna M. Valencia meets with the Sun-Times Editorial Board on Dec. 13. | Rich Hein/Sun-Times

Incumbent Anna M. Valencia is the only candidate who is cleared at the moment to run for city clerk, but the names of two other candidates also are on the ballot for now. This is because they are appealing a decision by the Chicago Board of Elections that they are not eligible candidates.

In the event their eligibility is restored, we thought we should make it clear: We endorse Valencia.

Valencia, who was appointed to the clerk post two years ago and is making her first run for elective office, created a four-month city sticker for people who can’t immediately afford to pay for a full-year sticker. Her office also started streaming City Council proceedings on mobile devices.

In addition, Valencia rolled out Chicago’s CityKey identification card program, which has been especially helpful to immigrants, transgender people and the homeless. She put in safeguards to protect the identities of undocumented immigrants, in case the Trump administration seeks information about them. It is a well thought-out program.

Voters will also see the names of Patricia Horton and Elizabeth “Betty” Arias-Ibarra on the ballot, but if those candidates do not win before the Appellate Court, votes for them will not be counted. They already have been ruled off the ballot by the Chicago Board of Elections and a circuit court judge.



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