WATCH: Ice on Kankakee River begins to break up in weather video

SHARE WATCH: Ice on Kankakee River begins to break up in weather video

Ice on Kankakee River is beginning to melt after a historic cold snap, video posted Wednesday shows. | screengrab via Twitter

Ice on the Kankakee River is starting to melt after a historic cold snap, a video posted Wednesday shows.

The Joliet Weather Center shared a two-minute video of what appears to be a thick shelf of ice traveling downstream. The video, recorded from a bridge, shows solid ice atop the river grating against ice on the river’s bank, the sound of which evokes the thought of cement or chalk on a chalkboard.

Fans of regional weather events seem to appreciate the video. One person tweeted a reminder for residents of the southwest suburb to stay safe, while another person asked: “Could someone ride on it, or would that be a bad idea?”

To be clear: That would probably be a bad idea.

A Chicago man was rescued by police, who formed a “human chain,” after he fell through ice on Lake Michigan during an attempt to save his dog. Another Chicago man was cited for walking on a portion of the lake that had frozen over.

Temperatures fell to near record-breaking lows last month. A daily record was set on Jan. 30 when thermostats clocked the temperature at minus-19 degrees. But the multi-day cold snap has since been followed by relatively warm weather; temperatures were in the high 50s at the start of the work week.

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