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ENDORSEMENT: Michael Scott Jr. for 24th Ward alderman

24th Ward aldermanic candidate and incumbent Michael Scott Jr. at the Sun-Times Jan. 25. | Rich Hein/Sun-Times

West Side

For a freshman alderman, Michael Scott Jr. has accomplished quite a bit. He has brought more than 350 units of additional affordable housing to his ward, including housing for low-income elderly people. By pushing through zoning changes, he made possible the sale of the last piece of the ward’s old Sears & Roebuck property, setting the stage for redevelopment. He played a part in securing $2 million in renovations for the Douglass Park Library. He built a boxing ring in Franklin Park. All in all, Scott has been one of Chicago’s more engaged aldermen. He has earned your vote. Scott is opposed by Traci “Treasure” Johnson, a community activist and part owner of a family pest control business; Creative Scott, a salon owner and former chairman of The Greater Lawndale Black Chamber of Commerce; and dog trainer Toriano A. Sanzone.



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