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ENDORSEMENT: Deborah L. Mell for 33rd Ward alderman

33rd Ward aldermanic candidate and incumbent Deborah L. Mell. | Rich Hein/Sun-Times

North Side

In 2015, we acknowledged Ald. Deborah L. Mells strong record of providing basic constituent services — not unlike the former alderman, her father Richard Mell, before her. But we didn’t endorse her. This time around, as she’s come more into her own, she’s our choice. Deb Mell can point to solid accomplishments, including the completion of a controversial riverbank restoration project in Horner Park, $28 million in upgrades to public parks, and giving residents a say in how to spend aldermanic menu money for small-scale infrastructure improvements such as pothole repairs. Mell has become a more progressive-leaning voice in the City Council and given more attention to the issue of affordable housing, which is critical in a ward that’s pricing out working-class folks and immigrants. Mell favors expanding the sales tax to raise more revenue, which makes sense, but the city will need much more money to meet its pension obligations. Also running are educator and activist Rossana Rodriguez-Sanchez and business executive Katie Sieracki.



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