Another problem with keyless auto ignitions

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People have died of carbon monoxide poisoning after forgetting to turn off their keyless-ignition cars and leaving them idling in garages attached to homes. | STOCK.ADOBE.COM

A Sun-Times editorial on Monday, concerning the problem of carbon dioxide poisoning deaths caused by automobiles with keyless ignitions that are not properly turned off, didn’t go far enough. These devices have become an excuse to pre-warm vehicles during cold weather. In the Chicago area this winter, hundreds of vehicles could be found running for this purpose.

It is a waste of fuel. It is a practice that pollutes the air we breathe and water we drink. We no longer have the luxury of ignoring this. We are obligated to leave future generations a planet they can live on.

Fred J. Wittenberg, Evanston

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Let market sort out high rents

Those arguing for rent control do not know much about economics or history. Rent control, by definition, will create housing shortages. There is more than ample supporting empirical evidence that this is the reality, as seen in Santa Monica, California.

One can appreciate the frustration that some people feel that rents are too high, but the best solution to the problem of high prices is … wait for it … high prices.

William P. Gottschalk, Lake Forest

Save Panama City from Trump

I was born in Panama City, Florida, and received all my post-high school education in the Florida panhandle.

The vast majority of voters in Panama City voted for Donald Trump for president. And when he tossed paper towels to hurricane victims in Puerto Rico, I am sure they never gave that a second thought. But now it has been five months since Hurricane Michael ravaged the Panama City area. It lies in ruins and the GOP-led Federal Emergency Management Agency has not responded to the community’s needs.

I am sure they will vote for Trump in 2020, but I pray that a Democrat will be elected and save them.

Warren Rodgers Jr., Matteson

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