‘Don’t you dare tell this Jew how to vote, Mr. President’

I felt my blood boil when Trump recently crowed before a microphone and said, “Any Jew voting democratic is uninformed or disloyal.”

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President Donald Trump

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President Donald Trump is no friend to Israel; let’s get that straight right now.

Demanding that Israel ban U.S. Reps. Ilhan Omar and Rashida Tlaib from paying a visit for the express purpose of organizing an anti-Israel boycott, he has boxed Israel into a lose-lose situation.

If Israel goes along with Trump’s ban, it will be seen as weak, afraid of incurring the wrath of the orange-haired goof who has the power to withhold $4 billion of badly needed aid.

If they don’t go ahead with the ban, and allow the two congresswomen entry, Israel will be seen as equally weak by many who see the two U.S. politicians as anti-Semites who would like nothing better than to see Israel slide into the Mediterranean. A no-win situation.

I felt my blood boil when he crowed before a microphone that “Any Jew voting democratic is uninformed or disloyal.” I have been fighting anti-Semitism in its various manifestations all my life, from the outright to the insidious.

The evil man in the White House has made it tougher for me since the day he came into office, with his inflammatory rhetoric designed to give comfort to bigots from coast to coast, which has resulted in an explosion of hate groups unprecedented in U.S. history.

Don’t you dare tell this Jew how to vote, Mr. President.

Because I can hardly wait for November of 2020 to cast it against you.

Rob Hirsh, West Rogers Park

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Illinois, take all means necessary to help end migrant camps

I am a product of the public school system.

I was taught by our country to learn from history so we don’t repeat it.

I was also taught the dangers of fascism, the peril of waiting too long to stand up and the irreparable violence done to scapegoated minority groups.

I am urging Gov. J.B. Pritzker, Rep. Sean Cassidy and Sen. Heather Steans to take action to end the migrant camps. They can help stop this gross injustice.

Don’t fight fair when the problem is so disgustingly inhumane.

Make it stop by any means necessary.

Lindsay DeMarchi, Rogers Park

Rename Wabash Ave. after Barack Obama

It is time to name a major Chicago street, such as Wabash Avenue, after our most-prominent resident, former President Barack Obama.

Of course residents and establishments would have to change the name of their address. For example, Trump International Hotel and Tower Chicago would then be located at 401 North Obama Ave.

A minor matter.

William Spielberger, Hyde Park

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