Drivers in Illinois who pass a school bus that has its “stop” arm extended will pay higher fines starting in 2020.

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Full list of schools closed due to coronavirus concerns

We’re posting real time updates in this list of schools in and around Chicago that are closing and/or pivoting to remote learning.

Concerns over exposure to the highly transmittable novel coronavirus, otherwise known as COVID-19, have led to closures, cancellations and quarantines across Chicago. Schools were among the first buildings to be closed due to reported exposures among students, parents and administrative staff.

Universities across the state, where students live in close quarters as well as attending classes together, quickly began closing residence halls and announced plans to pivot to “remote learning” for the foreseeable future.

We’ll be updating this page with all new reports of school closures, cancellations, or other interruptions in and around Chicago in response to the outbreak.

As some schools more to e-learning or “remote learning,” here’s what that might look like and how it could work.

Chicago schools

Suburban schools

Colleges and Universities

Related cancellations and closures

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