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Thanksgiving candy corn features turkey, green bean, stuffing flavors

The company’s latest holiday-inspired treat features six flavors inspired by traditional turkey dinner items.

Turkey Dinner Candy Corn is available at participating Walgreen’s stores.
Turkey Dinner Candy Corn is available at participating Walgreen’s stores.
Ferrara Candy

Although Thanksgiving is three months away, people with a sweet tooth can start their turkey dinner ahead of time.

Brach’s has released a new bag of candy corn called the Turkey Dinner Candy Corn, inspired by a typical Thanksgiving dinner.

The flavors include roasted turkey, green beans, ginger-glazed carrot, sweet potato pie and cranberry sauce.

The new candy corn option is now available at Walgreens, according to the company. The candy comes in a 12-ounce bag for $2.99.

According to the IG account @puppreviews, not all six flavors are tasty. While the cranberry sauce, ginger glazed carrots, and sweet potato pie candies are “delicious” and “amazing,” the turkey flavor is “downright wrong” but still enjoyable.

“When it comes to a seasonal staple like candy corn, Ferrara is No.1 and BRACH’S has been selling our classic candy corn since the 1950s. We’re always innovating with trends and fun flavors, and we know this year is different than anything we’ve ever seen — much like our new Turkey Dinner candy corn, which includes a full-course meal of traditional Thanksgiving favorites,” said Mariah Havens, senior brand manager, seasonal marketing for Ferrara, via statement.

Contributing: Sun-Times reporter Miriam Di Nunzio