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Mom dislikes the thought of being buried, but her adult children say Jewish law requires it.
Though the grandmother has a history of hogging attention at family events, the betrothed woman’s mom wants her involved with wedding activities.
Wife feels betrayed after catching him on a phone sex call and discovering his online habits.
Parents wish the woman would spend more time with them, especially as her father develops health issues.
The boy’s mentally ill mother is working now, and his father says extra income from her would really improve the child’s life.
Because the conditions are invisible, people seem to think the patient is making them up.
He’s fun to be with, but the guy has lived with his parents for more than three years and doesn’t seem motivated to improve his life.
The 6-year-old cries in class, has to go home after magician’s lesson on the hazards of substance abuse.
Petite person fears being injured by the pets and needs the right words to use to confront their owners.
It’s not clear whether she is aware of his fairly brazen affair with a much younger colleague.
The woman getting married worries that her groom’s sister will go into labor before the wedding — or during it.
Daughter is concerned the widow is being abused by this smarmy narcissist.
They witnessed the heartbreak the divorce caused and don’t want to see their friend hurt again.
Team captain got slapped around after aiming several insults at the man’s wife.
Woman hopes he never finds out about her obsession with his former girlfriend.
The 70-year-old man’s narcissistic habits, and his wife’s refusal to acknowledge them, are becoming intolerable for many in his family.
Divorced man, 57, has guilt about what he’s thinking about his 30-year-old relative.
A clean mouth reduces the risk, but man refuses to brush his teeth more than once every few days.
The Chicago designer says her passion is back, and she’s ready to tackle everything that comes her way.
The FDA’s updated food code, restaurants should have signs saying dogs are welcome and should develop plans to handle dogs and their waste. They should provide separate food bowls so dogs don’t use plates or utensils meant for humans.
Single woman needs advice on how to tell a guy that their first meetup won’t get physical.
Reader lives with regret, wishing those final moments had been spent together with the screen off.
The clothing items the boy receives remind his mother of her own mom’s controlling ways.
He’s been with the woman only three months but is willing to drive her to the hospital and help at home in recovery.