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Emmett Till home restoration could include a quiet park for contemplation

With the addition of the Lorraine Hansberry site on Rhodes Avenue, you would have the start of a promising circuit showcasing Chicago Black history.

Allow me to endorse your message to the city that landmark status should be granted to the forlorn building that once was home to young Emmett Till.

In the spirit of Black lives mattering, this site could be enhanced to make it a pilgrimage site, where the awful sins of our past are told, explained and contextualized.

We can see in a photo accompanying a news story on the home that one or two additional lots to the north are completely empty. This would be a fitting acquisition by the city, a place for a quiet park in which to reflect before and after a tour of the home.

With the addition of the Lorraine Hansberry site on Rhodes Avenue, you have the beginnings of a very promising culture/history circuit.

Dennis Allen, Wilmette

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End police chases

This past week saw another fatality during a Chicago police chase. I thought this stupidity was supposed to have stopped long ago?

Unless a murderer or a terrorist suspect is involved, why are the police turning the streets of Chicago into their own version of the Indianapolis 500?

It’s sure to result in another hefty settlement check for the city.

Bob Ory, Elgin