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Wheeler-dealer Lee Anglin, once tied to Outfit, on the lam after violating parole in $10 million fraud case

The convicted real estate scam artist failed to report to federal prison June 29 to serve six months for failing to tell his parole agent about several new business ventures.

Lee Anglin and wife Jenni in 2018.
Lee Anglin and wife Jenni in 2018.
Sun-Times file

A Chicago businessman on parole in a $10 million fraud case failed to report to prison late last month for parole violations and is now a federal fugitive, court records show.

Lee Anglin, 50, was freed in 2018 after serving about a dozen years in prison for running a real estate scam in the mid-2000s. His early investors got paid with money put in by later investors who were left with nothing, prosecutors said.

Authorities said Anglin bilked more than $10 million from his investors. He put their losses at about half that amount.

In an interview with the Chicago Sun-Times in 2018, Anglin described his past as a debt collector for loan sharks, a politically connected newspaper publisher and a restaurant and bar owner in business with the Chicago Outfit.

He pledged to go back into business to make enough money to repay the victims of his real estate scheme.

But his new ventures have gotten him in trouble again.

He failed to tell his parole agent about several business deals he and his wife Jenni got involved with in Utah, prosecutors said. Some of their business partners complained the couple failed to comply with the terms of their contracts, according to court records.

Anglin was serving his parole in Chicago, while his wife lived in Utah.

Lee Anglin also got in trouble for doing legal work for inmates without permission — and without a law license. One inmate wrote to U.S. District Judge Robert Gettleman complaining that he paid $24,000 to Anglin, who did “shoddy” legal work on his appeal.

Gettleman sentenced Anglin to six months in prison for those parole violations and ordered him to surrender by June 29. The U.S. Marshals Service is looking for him, according to an arrest warrant issued July 9.

The former Riviera Country Club in Orland Park.
The former Riviera Country Club in Orland Park.
Google Street View

In addition to the Utah ventures, Anglin’s wife operates a sports and dining complex on 143rd Street in Orland Park, according to Fletcher Handford, who says he’s in charge of its day-to-day operations. The complex reopened in June after closing under a previous owner during the coronavirus pandemic.

Previously called the Riviera Country Club, the facility has tennis and basketball courts and a swimming pool, and its banquet hall is under renovation, Handford says. He says the plans for the complex include a restaurant called Jenni’s Country Grill & Saloon.

Handford says Jenni Anglin is the president of the Orland Park business. He says he was told the Anglins are separated and that Lee Anglin isn’t involved in the venture. But a Facebook post in May, signed by “Lee & Jenni,” said they planned to invest “hundreds of thousands of dollars” in the complex. Jenni Anglin couldn’t be reached for comment.

The Orland Park venture isn’t among the deals mentioned in court records involving Anglin’s parole violation. The U.S. attorney’s office declined to comment.

Contributing: Jon Seidel

A May 24 Facebook post about the Orland Park complex.
A May 24 Facebook post about the Orland Park complex.