Patrick Kane, Blackhawks both preparing for all possible trade scenarios

Some interested teams have reached out to Kane’s agent, Pat Brisson, making him aware of “opportunities out there that are intriguing and could be exciting.” But he hasn’t yet decided if he’s willing to leave the Hawks.

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Blackhawks star Patrick Kane celebrates a goal.

Blackhawks star Patrick Kane is still weighing trade possibilities ahead of the NHL’s March 3 deadline.

Michael Reaves/Getty Images

Patrick Kane hasn’t decided whether he’ll request or accept a trade away from the Blackhawks. He still plans to wait until closer to the NHL trade deadline March 3 before making a decision.

But he’s aware a few teams have reached out to his agent, Pat Brisson, to express interest. And he’s not opposed to them doing so.

“We’ll figure out what team could be the best fit, but . . . it’s tough to decide if we’re getting to that point yet,” Kane said Monday. “There are definitely opportunities out there that are intriguing and could be exciting. We’ll see.”

One potential obstacle is Kane’s lingering lower-body injury. Various reports around the league have suggested some contenders are leery about it slowing him down. But Kane doesn’t share those concerns.

“When I get on the ice, it’s not like you’re thinking about anything else other than playing as well as you can,” he said. “That’s not something for me to worry about. [I’ll] just go about it the best I can.”

Kane has talked to Duncan Keith, who spent his final season with the Oilers after 16 with the Hawks, to get his perspective on the situation. Keith told Kane he’s “happy he got to experience being in a different organization” before he retired.

Kane hasn’t talked to Hawks general manager Kyle Davidson, though he’s sure they will at some point.

On the other side of the aisle — within the front office — Davidson and everyone else are having “constant conversations” to plan for “every potential scenario, large to small,” CEO Danny Wirtz said.

Calls about possible trades spiked briefly after the Islanders acquired Bo Horvat in a blockbuster deal with the Canucks last week, coach Luke Richardson said, but they’ve quieted again.

The Hawks are nonetheless anticipating moving some veterans out — whether or not Kane and Jonathan Toews are included in that exodus — to make room for their ready-to-graduate prospects in Rockford.

(Toews’ situation is no less confusing. He’ll miss the game Tuesday against the Ducks because of an illness, his third such scratch in two months and second in two weeks.)

“Everybody knows our plan moving forward is we have lots of young guys coming but they’re not here or maybe not ready yet,” Richardson said. “If there’s good hockey deals to be had that are going to help us to the next stage . . . they have a good plan.”

The outcome of the trade sagas also will have major repercussions in the Hawks’ business and marketing branches.

Tuesday marks the fifth-to-last home game before the deadline, with nine scheduled after it. The Hawks will host the Stars on the last day before the deadline (March 2) and the Predators on the first day after.

“How [Kane and Toews are] treated throughout the process, that’s going to be important to us,” business president Jaime Faulkner said. “They’re still on our team today; they’re still contributing in big ways. How do we continue to honor that with our fan base?

“If they make decisions to leave, if things happen down the road, how do we make sure our fans get to say thank you, get to say goodbye? [How do we] celebrate if they stay? We need to be prepared for that. We’re trying to be as gracious as possible. They are the Blackhawks’ identity right now.”

If trades happen, the Hawks would need to “communicate very quickly” with fans to explain the decisions, Faulkner said.

They might need to organize welcome-back ceremonies if the trades are with teams scheduled to visit the United Center before season’s end. 

Conversely, they might need to make ticket-price adjustments to maintain steady attendance without their two biggest stars.

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