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Adriana Cardona-Maguigad covers Chicago schools, the classrooms and youth culture for WBEZ Chicago’s Curious City.

Malört’s ascendancy began about 10 years ago, when a Chicago bartender fell in love with the drink and made it his mission to make other people love it, too.
Chicago’s Jamaican population may be small, but local love for the cuisine is huge.
Despite a history of nearly a century of cultural significance, the theater has sat mostly empty since 2003.
The stretch east from the north branch of the Chicago River has long been known as Little India. The diverse West Ridge strip has become home for many and is still evolving.
“This is community,” co-director Paula Acevedo says. “Not a sterile park that could just be in any part of the city. We want it to really identify and show the community, the culture.”
Every Thursday, a group of Aztec dancers practices in Harrison Park. Through dance, they say they find community and harmony with nature.
Their trucks piled high with pipes and old refrigerators, scrap metal collectors like Garcia, 71, from Pilsen, help put discarded waste back into the supply chain.