Ben Jealous


Executive Director of the Sierra Club

Striking UAW members see the fear-mongering of the auto industry. Americans are being told we have a Hobson’s choice on electric vehicles: We can have them, but only at a cost to our neighbors who build them.
Polls in recent years show most Americans opposed drilling in the refuge. Biden’s decision shows we can stand firm to defend more communities against Big Oil, Ben Jealous writes.
The federal government’s commitment to infrastructure and clean energy is important, but workers shouldn’t have to choose between green jobs and good wages.
People in frontline communities flooded by more intense storms, choked by industrial pollution and scorched by wildfires always come out on the short end.
While no Republicans in Congress voted for the $350 billion clean energy package, jobs are being spread across red and blue states via the Inflation Reduction Act.
President Joe Biden promised to reduce U.S. carbon pollution by half by 2030. We won’t reach that without even more ambitious rules than the EPA has proposed.
From Illinois to North Dakota, unlikely allies have joined to fight against several multi-state carbon dioxide pipelines proposed by huge agribusiness and fossil fuel companies.
Like everything associated with the climate crisis, we are running out of time for urban forestry. Planting more trees in our cities will help address heat, storms and air pollution.
Brandon Presley, a pro-life Democrat who endorsed George W. Bush in 2004, is aiming for the nomination to run against unpopular Mississippi GOP Gov. Tate Reeves.