It’s about “anti-gentrification but mostly the big impact from investors,” Duarte says. “They buy the small, old houses, and they destroy the character of Pilsen.”
Mr. Cuneo will be remembered by family and friends as creative, caring — and always ready with a joke.
The Will County city on the Illinois and Michigan Canal once helped make Chicago a transportation hub. Artist Robert Ryan brought that to life in trompe-l’oeil style.
And that’s just what artists Michelle Huang and Mario Mena were aiming for with that part of The Alley Project.
Felix ‘Flex’ Maldonado popped out the Bulls great by placing him against a black-and-white background while winning the NBA finals and an NBA dunk contest.
Match Day is one of the biggest milestones in medical school, and this year’s event was held in person for the first time since the start of the pandemic.
Organizers say group rides are attracting more interest, spurred on by warmer weather and cabin fever.
Durante un “largo periodo de tiempo” durante la pandemia, el presidente de la CTA Dorval Carter Jr. reconoció que “algunas personas” empeñadas en cometer fechorías se han sentido “un poco más animadas a tener un comportamiento inaceptable”.
The controversial vote pushes the LSC’s broken relationship with Principal Joseph Powers into further turmoil and threatens to divide one of Chicago’s highest-rated high schools.