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Here’s what you have to pay, what a dealership might charge and how to negotiate fees.
Your first task is to figure out if your RV has already been winterized, and whether it needs to be.
The sleek, five-seat newcomer successfully transfers the magic of the Mustang to the vehicle that launches Ford’s transition to electric power.
The move was spurred by data showing that about half of deadly crashes on U.S. roads happen at nighttime, with more than a quarter taking place on unlit roads.
A technology to simplify using a product hardly anybody has, wireless charging for electric cars may initially look like the answer to a question nobody asked.
The permit allows Cruise to test five driverless Chevrolet Bolt-based vehicles on certain streets.
The annual list is based on an assessment of the volume increase in insurance quote requests, value jumps and online readership data.
Don’t assume your ride will be raring to go when you decide to hit the road again.
The fewer problems reported in the last 12 months for vehicles from the last three model years, the better the score.
Ford is dumping the traditional owner’s manual in those vehicles, choosing instead to make the information accessible on the touch screen.
Reviver offers two digital license plates. The basic plate, which is battery operated, is called Rplate and uses Bluetooth connectivity.
Used car values skyrocketed as a result of the twists and turns in the economy during the pandemic.
With a starting price of $112,595, the 2022 GMC Hummer EV Edition 1 will become the latest in a growing lineup of new vehicles that cost more than $100,000.
Part of the reason is the time to do more home improvement projects and the need for a vehicle to haul bulky stuff.
Thermal cameras have been pitched as a way to help advanced driver assistance systems and someday actual self-driving systems “see” pedestrians.
An Illinois family started a boutique company that creates reimagined versions of iconic early Broncos.
Dealers might be willing to purchase your leased car for more than the buyout price in your contract.
Here are seven RV safety concerns you should be aware of before booking your first RV rental.
This is the essence of what’s called the Jeep Life, which is a community, a club, an attitude and an outlook all rolled into one.
Those options could include making air taxis or partnering with another firm to make them, a spokesman for GM confirmed.
If you want to own a Bronco anytime within the next two years, make your move soon.
A few dealers now specialize in professionally rebuilt salvage-title vehicles. The risks remain, though.
Here are the stories of a few of the missing 20 cars that have been found.
Nostalgic millennials are interested in the cars they grew up around, as well as older buyers who are looking for more affordable classic rides.