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Watching out for Chicago consumers and their money with product news, spending trends, and recall updates.

The new required pricing labels are modeled on nutritional labels and are meant to help consumers comparison shop and avoid junk fees.
If you bought meat, poultry, pork or seafood sold by weight or bagged citrus fruits at Walmart, you could be eligible to claim up to $500. Here’s what you need to know.
Nearly every major web browser has a private mode. Here’s a look at what they do and don’t do for surfers.
Understanding the different labels on egg cartons can be confusing with some descriptions even misleading, according to experts.
The way inflation is measured masks certain costs that add to the prices that consumers pay every day. Not surprisingly, higher costs mean lower consumer confidence, no matter what Americans are told about an improving economy.
Lab tests of hemp products sold in Chicago showed wildly varying levels of THC and unexpected cannabinoids in edibles and flowers. Lawmakers are calling for the items to be regulated.
Apple’s $29 AirTags have become popular items since their 2021 release, helping users keep tabs on the location of anything from keys to luggage.
Open bills you receive in the mail, read them and report any discrepancies to Medicare and other health partners, Mary Mitchell writes.
Creating an online Social Security account helps prevent someone from doing it without your knowledge.
Legislation is being proposed in Springfield that would require the total price of goods and services, especially extra fees, to be disclosed before customers try to pay.
The average credit card late fee has ballooned to $32 in 2022 from $23 at the end of 2010, the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau said.
Insurance companies consider some personal characteristics in pricing auto insurance, such as age, marital status, gender and credit score, because these factors provide a more accurate assessment of risk.
If consumers are disappointed in a lower-than-expected score or a significant drop, it’s helpful to understand what factors into that number, according to an expert.
Car insurance premiums should be based on one’s driving record, not socioeconomic factors.
It’s unclear whether Wendy’s backtracked or the fast-food chain’s CEO didn’t fully understand what “dynamic pricing” meant when he used the term. But surge pricing has no place in any restaurant, let alone fast-food establishments.
Executives for the nation’s two largest supermarket chains have admitted that they now offer lower prices, better products, better pay and more benefits because of — you guessed it — competition, according to the lawsuit from the Federal Trade Commission and state attorneys general.
More than 58,000 AT&T customers were without cellular service around midday Thursday in locations including Houston, Atlanta and Chicago, according to data from Downdetector.
Customers of AT&T, the country’s largest wireless provider, are reporting widespread outages.
The public deserves to know much more about the potential impact of the deal between the nation’s largest supermarket chains.
Honda’s intended plan to correct the defect is better than nothing but it does not go far enough as an official safety recall.
Hundreds of drivers in Illinois and throughout the country describe incidents in which their back windows “shattered” or “exploded” as they were on the road or after they were parked.