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Dan Hampton calls the St. Louis Rams 'thugs in shoulder pads'

While discussing whether or not the Chicago Bears still have a chance of making the NFL Playoffs in 2015, Bears legend Dan Hampton talked about the team’s upcoming game against the St. Louis Rams.

Last week, the Rams knocked Minnesota Vikings quarterback Teddy Bridgewater out of the game with a nasty hit — a play that Vikings coach Mike Zimmer would later condemn.

Hampton clearly is expecting the same type of tenacity this week from the Rams.

“A lot tougher job this week, we’ve got to play the Rams,” Hampton said. “You know, I know, the Rams, they’re thugs in shoulder pads. They like to get after you. They knock you around.”

The 3-5 Bears look to claw their way closer to .500 with a win over the 4-4 Rams on Sunday.