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Rams still unsure if they will play Wes Welker against the Bears

NFL coaches love keeping their opponents in the dark when it comes to player personnel. The Rams are doing a good job of keeping their wide receiver situation quiet before they play the Bears Sunday.

On Monday, the Rams signed oft-injured receiver Wes Welker. However, they still haven’t publicly decided if Welker will play this Sunday.

While they haven’t said he will play, Rams head coach Jeff Fisher said they are prepared if Welker is on the field. Fisher said they have plays that Welker would be able to step in and handle. From Pro Football Talk:

“We have some things in the offense for him,” Fisher said. “The ball’s not necessarily designed to go to him, but it may if he plays.”

Welker has suffered at least six concussions through his career, which is likely the reason he didn’t start the season on a roster. The wide receiver said earlier this week that he isn’t concerned with his concussion history as he returns to the game.

Even if Welker does play, it likely won’t change much of the Bears defensive planing. Welker’s production fell off sharply in his final games last season with the Broncos.