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Bears' Kyle Fuller after struggles: 'All mental'

Bears cornerback Kyle Fuller has struggled through two games this season. (AP)

At the end of what must have been the most stressful week of his pro career, Kyle Fuller said Friday that he knows what to do to improve on a brutal start to his Bears’ season.

And while the cornerback was short on details in a terse conversation, he acknowledged the mental challenge of getting over his poor game Sunday, which led to a fourth-quarter benching.

“Short memory, that’s the biggest thing,” Fuller said Friday at Halas Hall. “It’s all mental, though. Put it behind you, learn from it, and go out there and improve next week.”

Asked whether that was difficult, the second-year player said it was nothing new.

“I’ve been playing this position my whole life,” he said. “I’m used to it. I know how to deal with it.”

Through his first two games, Fuller has allowed five catches on eight targets to receivers he’s covered, giving up 106 yards and two scores, per Pro Football Focus. The site ranks him as the fifth-worst cornerback in the NFL.

He has pass interference penalties of 42 and 34 yards.

“Overall, what I gotta do to go out there and help the team win,” he said. “I know what it is. I know what I have to do.”

Vic Fangio’s 3-4 defense is no less comfortable, he said, than the Tampa 2 scheme for which Phil Emery drafted Fuller in the first round last season.

“Everything I’ve done here,” he said, “I’ve done before.”

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