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Bears fans are already waiting on the NFL Draft, and they know who to get

Things aren’t going well for the Bears so far this season. On top of being 0-3, they are piling up injuries and don’t have a whole lot of talent to work with.

After their latest loss Sunday against the Seahawks, fans are already putting the young season to bed. The fans not only want to fast forward to the NFL Draft, but they already have a player in mind, Cal quarterback Jared Goff.

But don’t worry, fans are totally keeping their expectations for the not-even-drafted-yet quarterback totally in check…

One fan went so far as to change Goff’s Wikipedia page, claiming the Bears have already drafted the young Cal quarterback.

Goff has been impressive through the first four weeks of the college football season. He’s averaging more than 300 yards through the air a game with a completion percentage over 70 percent in every game except one.

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