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Watch Jonathan Toews surprise students at Wheaton middle school

Blackhawks captain Jonathan Toews made a surprise visit to a Wheaton middle school on Tuesday, where he instilled some life advice on the preteen adolescents.

One student at Monroe Middle School, eighth-grader Jeff Kincaid, received an even bigger surprise when he was called to the front of the assembly to sit with Toews, according to a report from the Daily Herald.

Kincaid, the winner of an online contest sponsored by Bauer and Total Hockey, was presented with a new hockey stick, skates and a $1,000 shopping spree.

The hockey equipment companies also donated about $1,500 worth of new sports equipment to the school, according to the report.

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More from the Daily Herald:

Jeff — who had been out of school for three weeks due to a concussion — had a chance to sit with Toews and ask him a few questions during the assembly, such as how he would describe his time in school. Towes laughed and admitted he wasn’t the best student.

“The important thing was I tried really hard,” he said. “I had stronger suits, I think French, English and Spanish … math and science, not so much.”

When asked what his best piece of advice was for the students at Monroe, Toews said he recommends fully immersing yourself in things you’re passionate about.

“Whatever you do in life, first of all enjoy it,” he said. “Enjoy the process. Don’t always think about the end result, where you’re trying to go with things. Just be in the moment, be in the present of whatever you’re doing.”

The Blackhawks lost last night for the fifth time in seven games with a 3-2 loss against the Devils. They’ll look to get back on track Saturday against the Blues.