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Sports Illustrated: Blackhawks whiff on Stadium Series jerseys

Jonathan Toews poses in the Blackhawks sweater the team will wear during their Stadium Series game. (via @NHLBlackhawks on Twitter)

The Blackhawks are consistently ranked among the best logos in professional sports. The color combination on the sweater is eye-catching in the best ways possible. So that’s why it seems so surprising that Sports Illustrated was so critical of their latest alternate uniforms.

Earlier in the month, the Blackhawks released the jerseys they would wear for their Stadium Series game against Minnesota.

After seeing the new sweater design, Sports Illustrated’s Allan Muir said the team broke all the rules when it comes to jerseys, especially for the Stadium Series.

Safe to say the Hawks threw away the rules when they came up with this design. Not only did they break with tradition by not drawing upon the organization’s rich history as they had for previous outdoor events, but they settled on a look that defies many of the accepted rules for modern design.

That two-tone collar? The sleeve piping? The shoulder numbers? Those are some unexpected choices.

The knock on failing to draw from the team’s history is unfounded. The sweater has clear similarities to both Blackhawks jerseys from the 1920s and 1950s.