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Blackhawks historic night turns ugly after the first period

It’s not often a team can have play both historically well and have a historically ugly loss all in the same game, but the Blackhawks pulled it off. Their 6-5 loss Wednesday to the Blues at the United Center has just about everyone in Chicago shaking their heads.

The game started about as perfectly as the Blackhawks could have wanted. Three straight goals in the first half of the first period had them in control. Two more goals before intermission not only gave them a 5-2 lead, but brought in the Blues backup goalie.

It was the 88th time the Blackhawks scored five goals in a period and the first time they’d done it since March of 2010.

However, after that things went extremely cold on the offensive end. The Blues opened up the second period with strong defense and pressure on offense. They were able to completely erase the three goal lead by the second intermission.

When the game finally was finished with an overtime goal from the Blues, it became a historically bad loss. It was the first time the Blues came back down three goals to the Blackhawks to win since 1981. It was also the first game the Blackhawks scored five goals in the first period and still lost.