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The five reasons Chicago loves Joel Quenneville as the coach celebrates his birthday

Facial hair enthusiasts and Hawks fans alike are wishing Blackhawks coach Joel Quenneville a happy 57th birthday Tuesday.

In honor of the future Hall of Fame coach, these are the five best (but not the only) reasons why every Blackhawks fan should love Coach Q.

5. More than 750 career wins

The Blackhawks head coach is the third winningest regular season head coach in NHL history and will soon move into second place. More than 300 of those wins came during his eight years with the Blackhawks.

4. Quenneville’s ability to communicate with refs

Fans watching the game both in the United Center and at home on TV always get a full show when they see Quenneville interact with the referees.

3. Helping to decorate his front lawn

It’s become a tradition, after each Stanley Cup, Blackhawks fans in the western suburbs cover Quenneville’s trees with toilet paper. Although the coach has never seemed to mind.

2. Qunneville’s glorious mustache

Quenneville’s mustache is almost a thing of legend by itself. It has even provided hockey fans with one of the best Twitter accounts to follow throughout the season.

1. Three Stanley Cups

Not 1…

Not 2…

But three Stanley Cups!