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Patrick Kane takes the ice with Blackhawks

SOUTH BEND, Ind. – Blackhawks fans were lined up early Friday morning to get a chance to watch their team go through its first skate of the year.

That included Patrick Kane.

Kane, involved in a police investigation in Western New York, took the ice as the Hawks opened training camp Friday at Notre Dame. With plenty of fans wearing his 88 jersey, Kane was cheered loudly when he entered the rink for a scrimmage, and even louder when he was announced for an assist.

Kane’s presence was also warmly received by his teammates.

“Same old. He makes it look easy,” Jonathan Toews said. “I think a lot of guys are struggling, like I said, to shake that rust off and get things going, and he just goes out there and plays the game and things are going smooth for him. It’s good to see that.”

Does he owe his teammates an apology or explanation?

“I don’t think he owes anything,” Marian Hossa said.