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SB Nation: NHL should suspend Patrick Kane

The plot of Patrick Kane’s legal saga has been full of twists and turns throughout the past week.

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A group of writers co-authored a piece on SB Nation that details why they feel the NHL has a responsibility to suspend Kane.

By refusing to suspend Kane even though there is enough evidence to warrant an NHL investigation into the matter, the league is sending a negative message. Suspension is well within their power, and the league’s lack of action is an implicit statement of support of the player. By supporting the accused, the league is perpetuating beliefs that false rape accusations are common — in turn perpetuating a culture in which accusers do not come forward due to fear and a sense of futility.

If the NHL wants to repair its relationship with female fans, the league needs to send the message that sexual assault allegations will be handled seriously and properly, regardless of who you are or how many Stanley Cup rings you have.

Kane and the Blackhawks will host the New York Rangers to open the regular season on Oct. 7.