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NHL snubs Patrick Kane for TV promos—report

Patrick Kane poses in 2013 for the NHL's "Hockey Fights Cancer Initiative." | Getty Images

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While the uncertainty of the investigation involving Blackhawks star Patrick Kane lingers on, one thing is for certain—his image has taken a hit.

Kane was not one of 40 players asked to participate in the NHL’s annual preseason media tour, The Buffalo News reported. During the tour, players videotape promotional spots for the league that are used throughout the season.

The NHL told The Buffalo News that rarely does a team send more than two players. The Blackhawks will be represented by Jonathan Toews and Duncan Keith this season. Kane has been invited in the past.

From TBN:

Kane would seem an appropriate exception to the two-per-team rule. He has been invited to the media tour multiple times in the past, and, as one of America’s elite players, U.S. television rights-holder NBC Sports normally would consider his involvement appealing.

Last month, Kane was taken off the cover of the EA Sports “NHL 16” and had his name pulled from his former junior team’s training-camp team nicknames.