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Kris Versteeg calls out Jonathan Toews before playing the Blackhawks

Kris Versteeg talks to a reporter from the Carolina Hurricanes website. (Photo via CanesVision)

Kris Versteeg has been a part of the Blackhawks for some major franchise moments. Now, Versteeg plays for the Carolina Hurricanes and is calling out his former teammate.

The wing was asked by Hurricanes media who is his favorite player on the Blackhawks to talk trash to. Without skipping a beat, Versteeg answered – Jonathan Toews.

“Well Tazer’s the easiest. He’s a, he’s just a big baby, really. He’s an overgrown baby.”

Of course, Versteeg made the comment with a big smile on his face. In all, he was very complimentary of his former team, specifically to Corey Crawford and Patrick Kane, who Versteeg referred to as the “best player in the league.”

Versteeg and the Hurricanes play the Blackhawks Tuesday night in the last game before the All-Star break.

Versteeg said he is still friends with many players on the Blackhawks. He spent two separate stints in Chicago, helping the team win a Stanley Cup in both 2010 and 2015.

Even with his play on two championship teams, he is probably most remembered for one very special video.

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