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A new geekmobile

Geek Squad Prius c hybrid

Best Buy's Geek Squad is switching to Toyota Pruis c hybrid cars.

Best Buy’s Geek Squad is getting some new wheels.

Some members of the Geek Squad will now be tooling around town in Toyota Pruis c hybrid cars instead of Volkswagen Beetles.

The Priuses are outfitted with a new Geek Squad logo, a rollout that coincides with an expansion of its in-home services.

“Today’s Geek Squad Agents are more likely to help clients with a new home theater experience, improve Wi-Fi performance or install a security solution than they are to fix the family computer,” Geek Squad Chief Inspector Nate Bauer said in a news release. “The new Geekmobile and refreshed logo reflect how we continue to evolve along with technology.”

The Prius c is expected to produce about half the emissions of its previous Geekmobiles.